Indoor RV Storage – Advantages of Indoor Storage

Indoor RV Storage can protect your asset! Whether it’s a boat, RV or classic car. Reyes RV Storage will keep your property clean, dry and safe.

If you are considering storing your RV or Motorhome, you really need to consider all options.  Many facilities will store your vehicle, but store it outside under a covered awing or worse, in a large lot with no covering.  For some, the outdoor option may be all that they need.  However, you really should consider the benefits of an indoor rv storage option.

Indoor RV Storage Benefits include:

  • Prevent paint or gel coat oxidation
    Benefits of Indoor RV Storage

    Don’t let the sun do this to YOUR RV!

  • Defense against tire breakdown and cracking
  • Put an end to the need for roof resealing or re-coating
  • Avoid bleaching or rotting of canvas covers or awnings due to sun
  • Defense against rust and corrosion of chrome or aluminum
  • Avoid rainwater seepage or water buildup
  • Limit damage to wood, window tints upholstery and fabrics from excessive heat
  • Prevent bird, snake or rodent invasion
  • Shut out vandals, break-ins, theft and other unauthorized access
  • Curb loss of value from premature aging due to exposure to the elements
We have two locations – one in Los Angeles and one in Atlanta.  Both offer the same worry free service that will protect your vehicle from sun damage, rainwater and all other potential issues that come from leaving a vehicle out in the elements.  We provide facilities for RV’s, motorhomes and boats. In addition, we also have storage for motorcycles, buses, Jet Skis, ATV’s, Quads and Toy haulers.  Our beautiful, secure, facility  can also accommodate classic cars and any other large vehicles that you need to store.

Beyond our storage facilities, we are also a leader in RV rentals and RV Maintenance and Repair services. We understand that owning and operating an RV requires a certain amount of love and dedication and we are here to help you with your vehicle – whatever that means.